Test&Treat Ltd

About us

Ron Turner, Founder and Scientific Director of Test & Treat, began the company in 2017 to further develop and utilise the patented U-treat technology. Test & Treat are committed to finding innovative and practical solutions to every day issues with fast and reliable diagnostic testing.

The world today faces an antibiotic resistance crisis and as we approach a time where the antibiotics we rely on so heavily today cease working, our technology could not be more relevant. By equipping clinicians with rapid, point of care diagnostics to guide them on appropriate antibiotic selection, we are providing an invaluable tool in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Test & Treat uses the principles of ATP-bioluminescence to detect bacteria and provide quantitative antibiotic susceptibility data. This method can be used to detect the presence of bacteria in any bodily fluid. We are currently researching it’s use in bovine mastitis, bovine respiratory disease and canine otitis externa. We are also actively seeking diagnostic partners to license the technology for application in the human market.

We have just launched the world’s first rapid urinary tract infection detection and antibiotic susceptibility test, U-treat, into the veterinary market. The test is marketed for use in dogs and cats and provides in-clinic results within an hour.

Our technology is patent protected in the UK, USA and Europe and pending in Canada. For more information or for any questions you may have, please contact us.