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Point Of Care Technologies For Veterinary And Human Clinical Diagnostics

Test&Treat Limited was formed in 2018 to develop and commercialise point of care (PoC) tests for the rapid detection of bacterial infections and subsequent antibiotic sensitivity (AS) analysis in veterinary and human clinical applications.

Utilising Test&Treat’s patented technology we have just begun to market the World’s first rapid (less than 1 hour) UTI and AS test into the veterinary market for use on companion animals. The same test can also be used for the diagnosis of human UTI’s. Test&Treat is actively seeking diagnostic partners to help us exploit this technology.

UTI is one of the most prevalent infections presenting to doctors and veterinarians. The current T&T UTI test is designed to detect microbial urinary tract infections in companion animals (dogs and cats) in 5 minutes. The subsequent AS test (which takes 45 minutes) will then determine the antibiotic sensitivity of that infection. The results of the two tests allow the doctor or veterinarian to prescribe the most effective antibiotic for the detected infection and therefore provide an optimum rapid treatment plan and in doing so help reduce the incidence of antibiotic resistance.

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You can also email us at info@testandtreat.co.uk for more information.